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Commercial water softener service Staffordshire


We got a service call from a care home in Staffordshire. The old water softener had
caused a pressure drop in the hot and cold water services.
After inspecting the water softener control valve and resin media, it was discovered that the resin was contaminated
and the Autotrol 155 valve had seen b...

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Well water filtration pipe repairs in Hertfordshire


We had a call from one of our customers in Hertfordshire. The company had a damaged
leaking pipe from the well water filtration system. The well water purification system
supplies water to a very busy restaurant, this meant that it would be impossible to carry
out a normal repair on the ABS 1.1/4...

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Dometic RO600C-HF RO systems service repair London


We got a service call from a catering events company in London. They were having problems
with the glass washing machine, it was not cleaning the wine glasses properly, they were left with a smeary
finish on them. After testing the TDS levels on the permeate line, it was reading to high. The memb...

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We had a service call from a company in Peterborough.


The director of a company in Peterborough asked if we could sort out their water softener problems.
The Fleck duplex 9100 commercial water softener had apparently been serviced a few months previously,
but still did not use any salt. The director of the company asked if l could replace the comple...

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Clack WS1.5 Commercial water softener service Cambridge


Had a call from one of my commercial customers in Cambridge.
There water softener had stopped producing soft water. When l looked at the
Clack WS1.5 commercial water softener in the plant room, l noticed straight away
that the microprocessor was not showing anything on it. After caring out furthe...

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Old commercial Fleck water softener Cambridgeshire


We had a service call from a company in Cambridgeshire. They had hard water lime scale build up in their steam boiler. The amount of hard water limescale that came out of the steam boiler
was huge.As the old water softener was beyond repair, and had seen better days. We installed a new Clack W...

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Pure Pro RO800 service repairs carried out Huntingdon


This Pure Pro RO800 light commercial reverse osmosis system supplies purified water to clean metal components before assembly can take place.
It is important that the surface of the metal is cleaned of all impurities before electroplating can be carried out.

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ROC4000 service and Maintenance repairs Huntington.


We carried a maintenance and service repairs on this commercial reverse osmosis system The ROC4000 model produces 600 LPH of permeate water, and comes with a microprocessor that gives you a constant readout of the water quality, which is always quite handy.
There are 2 - 40” X 4” membranes and 1-...

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Fleck 9000 seals and spacers covered in resin media


We had a call from a company in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire that were having water pressure problems. When we striped down the water softener valve, we found that the seals, spacers and pistons from the water softener were covered in resin media. The director of the company asked us to replace the ...

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Commercial and domestic water softeners and service repairs carried out.

  • Bluewater PRO 400 purifiers and filtration systems

    Water purifiers and purification systems by Bluewater are made in Sweden. If you require new replacement filters or a service, give us a call today.
  • Commercial reverse osmosis systems and service

    We supply install and service domestic and commercial reverse osmosis systems of all sizes. If you require new membranes, filters, pumps. call us today for a service appointment
  • Bluewater PRO 600 reverse osmosis systems

    Bluewater PRO 600 purifiers, which use reverse osmosis technology are ideal for catering companies with glass washers. Catering and Hotels facilities need to have crystal clean glasses to offer their customers. Give me a call to range a consultation or service of your existing system. You might have one of the first generation of purifiers:- ie Electrolux 400 or 600 models Dometic RO400 or RO600 machines, either way with are technical expertise we can help you out, and get your system working again, or replace it with a Bluewater Pro system.
  • Bluewater Spirit 300 tankless ro system for domestic houses

    Bluewater Spirit 300 is ideal for families requiring high quality drinking water.
  • Well water purification and filtration water treatment systems

    We can clean up you well water problems with, Iron removal, manganese and sulphur treatment, PH balance, Hard water, bacteria in water.
  • Commercial water softeners and service repairs

    With over 43 years in water treatment, we can supply and install all of your commercial water softeners, and take care of your service maintenance requirements. We are always happy to take on new customers with hard water limescale problems.
  • Water softeners for your family home

    In Cambridge the hard water lime scale buildup can cause serious problems. Your hot and cold water pipework and hot water cylinders will scale up if the water is not treated. We can supply and install a Harvey's Dualflo Block salt twin tank non-electric water softener to make your water nice and soft. Why not give us a call today, and become a soft water family.

About us

Aquamaster Water Treatment Ltd, has been in the water treatment business for over 43 years installing and repairing domestic and commercial water softeners, and reverse osmosis systems.  The company is based in Wimblington, near Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.   Aquamaster water treatment Ltd successfully completed a prestigious contract to supply and install a bespoke whole house water purification & filtration system at Woolmers Park, Hertford, Hertfordshire. The owner wanted purified drinking water and soft water throughout the property. He informed me that every house he has in the world has the same water purification system.   In 2015, Aquamaster Water treatment, Ltd., acquired a Rainsoft water softening and drinking water purification business in Hertfordshire. The Rainsoft water treatment business had customers that had   water softeners, whole house purifiers and reverse osmosis drinking water systems.  This created the opportunity to expand the water softening and purification activities in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Essex, which has turned out to be a great success. This has helped us to expanding our areas quite considerably.   Chris’s knowledge and experience in the industry has been expounded by exams taken in various aspects of water treatment including Industrial Reverse Osmosis, Advanced Industrial reverse osmosis and Industrial High Purity Water treatment through David H Paul., Inc. of New Mexico. Also, whilst living and working in the USA, Certifications issued by the State of Tennessee for Well Water Treatment and small water system operator license. Certification by Kinetico, Inc for the Purefecta reverse osmosis drinking water system and in the UK, Certificate of Legionella Management by IOSH.   Chris also setup a water treatment business in Spain, and lived there for over 6 years. The water quality was quite bad in Spain, and water hardness levels were off the scales compared to the United Kingdom.   We installed a lot of brackish water whole house reverse osmosis systems to remove the salty water. Most customers had to have a water softener and ultra violet sterilization purification units.   There was a customer who contacted me for help to get rid of green water alga in his moat that surrounded his property. We installed a 6 stage ultra violet system which was designed to treat this problem. Within 2 days the water was crystal clear, and there was no green pea soup water to be seen. One of the most important things when installing an ultraviolet system, is to make sure that the quartz sleeve is kept clean so that it does not become contaminated by the dirty water. This is an important part of a preventative maintenance service programme. It is also necessary to replace the UV lights at the recommended time, which is usually annually.    The customer was so happy with the results that he gave me the contract for installing other water treatment systems at his company and other properties.

Areas Served and Covered


Alconbury, Alwalton, Balsham, Burwell, Cambridge, Cambourne Chatteris, Duxford, Ely, Elton, Fordham, Fulborn, Huntingdon, Girton, Kimbolton, Linton, Littleport, Little Downham, March, Market Deeping, Milton, Newmarket, Peterborough, Papworth Everad, Sawtry, St.Ives, St.Neots, stilton, Soham, Wansford, Warboys, Whittlesey, witchford, Wisbech, Yaxley,   

Bedford, Bletsoe, Clapham, Carlton, Colmworth, Great Barford, Keysoe, Kempston, Melchbourne, Yelden,


Bishops Stortford, Baldock, Barkway, Buntingford, Broxbourne, Borehamwood, Cheshunt,  codicote, Goffs Oak, Gt.Amwell, Hatfield, Hertford, Hitchin, Hoddesdon, Knebworth, Letchworth, Much Hadham, Pottersbar, Puckerdidge, Royston, Sawbridgeworth, Stansted, Stanstead Abbotts, Stevenage, Watton at Stone, Ware, Welwyn Garden City, Watford.


Attleborough, Cromer, Heacham, Hunstanton, Dearham, Downham Market, Diss, Fakenham, Norwich, Kings Lynn, Spalding, Swaffham, Thetford.

Boston, Bourne, Deeping St.Nicholas, Grantham, Holbeach, Oundel, Oakham Stamford, Sleaford,   


Great Dunmow, Great Chesterford, , Harlow, Hastingwood, Epping, Saffron Walden, Shalford, Newport, Waltham Abbey,  


Bury St.Edmunds, Brandon, Haverhill, Mildenhall, Lakenheath, Stowmarket,   

Brigstock, Corby, Collywestern, cliffe, Easton On The Hill, King's Cliffe, Nassington, Warmington,   

Areas outside of these locations, please call us 01354 740896- 07534 419 276  

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