Posted on 12-Aug-2020

Aquamaster Water Treatment Ltd

We had a call from a Company in Peterborough. They told us that they had a new water softening system installed 5 weeks ago. They also informed us that they had not used any salt, and the water was testing hard. The WS2 Clack commercial Duplex water softener feeds a steam boiler and other washing facilities on a constant basis. The first thing that was carried out was a check of the data entered into the microprocessors, this was found to be totally incorrect for this duplex water softener system. After programming the correct data into both A and B softener program controllers, a complete regeneration cycle was started. Everything was working OK, but still tested hard at the sample valve. Next l looked at the salt tank and found that there was an internal platform that was stopping the salt from coming into contact with the water. All of these things should have been checked when the water softener was installed. I have found this to be a common problem when water softeners are purchased online.
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